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Talk by A. Spoerri, SCILS, Rutgers University: MetaCrystal: Visual Toolset for Supporting Users in the Search Process








This talk addresses the problem of how to enable users to visually explore and compare large sets of documents that have been retrieved by different search engines or queries. The MetaCrystal toolset is presented that helps users visualize the degree of overlap and similarity between the top results returned by different retrieval methods. A hierarchy of aggregation is employed to provide users with a quick insight into how to combine and filter the top results by different retrieval methods. The Category View groups and shows the number of documents retrieved by different search engine or query combinations. The Cluster Bulls-Eye tool displays how all the found documents are related to the different retrieval methods being compared. It can also be used to visualize the degree of similarity between multiple ranked lists. The RankSpiral tool enables users to rapidly scan large numbers of documents and their titles by using a spiral mapping that minimizes occlusions and maximizes information density. Users can apply different weights to the retrieval methods being compared to create their own ranking functions and can perform advanced filtering operations visually. The MetaCrystal toolset supports rapid exploration, focus+context interactions as well as tight coupling between the filtering controls and tools that oper­ate at different levels of aggregation. Its direct manipulation interface makes it possible for users to visually compose and refine meta searches. MetaCrystal addresses the problem of the effective fusion of different search engine or query results by enabling users to quickly identify documents found by multiple retrieval methods and at the same time scan the top documents found by a specific number of search engines or queries.

Brief Bio: Anselm Spoerri is an Assistant Professor at SCILS, Rutgers University. He was a researcher at AT&T Bell Labs before founding i-Recall which was acquired in 2001. As part of his Ph.D. research at MIT, he developed InfoCrystal, which was funded by the UBILAB of the Union Bank of Switzerland. He has also directed and produced the feature-length documentary "IMAGO Meret Oppenheim", an award-winning film narrated by Glenda Jackson, a two-time Academy Award winner. He holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of London, England, a M.Sc. in Computational Vision and a Ph.D. in Information Visualization, both from MIT.

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