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With over 80,000 inhabitants and around 54 km² in size, Konstanz is the largest city on Lake Constance. A total of 15 districts extend to the left and the right of where the Rhine River flows from Lake Constance. The city’s roughly 34 km of shoreline appeals not only to locals but also numerous tourists.

Konstanz is conveniently situated in the very south of Germany, right at the border of its Swiss neighbor city Kreuzlingen. The international flair and over 3,300 businesses of Konstanz also make the border city an attractive location for science and business. Historic Konstanz has its roots in antiquity. The city is also famous for its other, to date its largest, “conference” from 1414-1418, the Council of Constance. At that time, there were 50,000 participants to only 6,000 city residents.

Even today, hospitality defines its hotel and restaurant trade. Famous inns and hotels steeped in tradition create magic year round, serving the culinary deliacies of Lake Constance.

The lively university town is ideally suited for visiting a conference of exceptional character. You can sense the presence of the past in nearly every corner of the town. With its picturesque alleys, the old town of Konstanz invites visitors to take exciting tours of discovery or successful shopping expeditions.

Famous tourist attractions are quickly accessible from Konstanz, which allows for versatile incentive programs (for ex., the Flower Island, Mainau, and Reichenau Island, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, are only ever a 20 minute trip away).

Concerts by the Southwest German Philharmonic Orchestra, museums of archeology, history, and the natural history of the region, the Municipal Theater, Sea-Life Konstanz, art exhibitions and traditional festivals such as the Konstanz Carnival and the Lake Constance Festival, with its huge lake fireworks display, fill the nearly inexhaustible cultural calendar.

Nearby towns are also easily accessible from Konstanz. Take the train to Zurich in just under an hour or travel to Friedrichshafen by ferry and bus in only 40 minutes. Last but not least, Konstanz is notable for the especially mild climate of the Lake Constance region, the international feel of its three-nation lake, and the unique ambiance of a city filled with tradition.

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