Giles Colborne (Usability Professionals, Tuesday September 11th, 2012, 9:00 AM – Audimax)


“Driven to distraction”

Take a look at how many windows you have open on your computer, how many devices you have linking you to the internet, and think about how long it was since you were last offline for more than a couple of hours. Living in an ‘always on’ world is having a huge impact on our users – in how they plan, how they act and how they think. But practice in the field of HCI is rooted in 1970s computing – a world that seems laughably out of date. The result is our users are constantly distracted and disrupted causing real damage to their productivity, happiness and health. Sadly, most attempts to fix this problem have only made it worse. I’ll look at some alternative strategies and show you how you can fix things, starting today and what this problem says about the future of our industry.


Giles Colborne is author of Simple and usable web mobile and interaction design published by New Riders. He has worked in usability and user centred design since 1991 and in the Internet since 1993 when he designed some of World’s first commercial websites. He formed cxpartners with Richard Caddick in 2004 focusing on creating outstanding user experiences and measurable changes to projects and products.

Giles is a former President of the UK Usability Professionals’ Association and now sits on their Global Advisory Committee and International Conference Committee. He has worked with British Standards Institute in developing guidance on web accessibility and is a popular speaker at UPA, IxDA, IA Summit and many other conferences around the world.

Giles Colborne
Managing Director

E-Mail: ku.oc.srentrapxcnull@enrobloc.selig


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