Moritz Skowronski is explaining the concept of "Hybrid Exhibits".

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Moritz Skowronski presented the paper "Hybride Exponate und deren Kontextualisierung im BLM Karlsruhe" at EVA Berlin 2018.

Moritz Skowronski presented the full paper Hybride Exponate und deren Kontextualisierung im BLM Karlsruhe at this year's EVA Berlin 2018. There, he presented the concept of hybrid exhibits for exhibitions, which we define as artifacts that are firstly presented without any additional content, leaving the visitors to solely focus on the original. Only when the visitors interact with the exhibit using different interactive devices, additional content for the exhibit is shown. Moritz Skowronski showed how we used this concept throughout the design of the new exhibition "Archäologie in Baden", which will open 12th July 2019 at the BLM Karlsruhe.

Thank you all for the interesting talks, inspiring conversations, and an overall great EVA Berlin '18!