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    Our goal is to develop new concepts to support the interaction between humans and computers that accommodate the characteristics of human interaction and cognition as well as the latest technological developments. We call this novel blending of forms of reality-based interaction and communication with the technological opportunities  Blended Interaction


Harald Reiterer, Marcel Borowski, and Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose

with Aarhus University

Last week, Marcel Borowski successfully defended his Master Thesis at the Aarhus University. Marcel visited Aarhus to work on his Master’s project last winter semester. The outcome of his Master’s project and thus the results of his internship were not only published as a Late-Breaking-Work at this year’s CHI conference in Montreal, it was also evaluated in a long-term field study this summer.

Marcel's colloquium also marked the end of Harald Reiterer's stay as a guest professor  at the Center...

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Back from MUM'18

Daniel Klinkhammer and Moritz Skowronski presented their work at MUM'18.

Back from EVA Berlin 2018

Moritz Skowronski presented the paper "Hybride Exponate und deren Kontextualisierung im BLM Karlsruhe" at EVA Berlin 2018.

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