Ingrid Henschler
Building PZ, Room 903
Box D 73

University of Konstanz
Universitätsstraße 10
78457 Konstanz

Tel.:+49 7531 88 2442

Opening hours: 9 - 12:30
Dates by arrangement

We are located on the ninth floor of building PZ, in the northwest corner of the campus.

Travel by vehicle

The destination address is: Universitaetsstrasse 10 78464 Konstanz GERMANY

From Stuttgart (180 km)

Autobahn (motorway) A 81 towards Singen. From exit "Kreuz Hegau" onwards, you will find signs for Konstanz Once in Konstanz, follow the signs for “Universität”

From Munich (220 km)

Autobahn (motorway) A 96 towards Lindau. In Lindau, take B 31 towards Meersburg. From Meersburg, take the vehicle ferry to Konstanz. Once in Konstanz, follow the signs for “Universität”

From Zurich (75 km)

Autobahn (motorway) A7 towards Kreuzlingen/Konstanz. After crossing the border into Germany, first follow the signs for “Mainau”. Then follow the signs for "Universität“.

You may park your vehicle for 1.50 Euro per day in one of the university parking lots - signs lead you to them. Further information regarding parking (location, hours etc.).

Travel by taxi

Taxi companies in and around Konstanz.

Travel by train

Train station destination: Hauptbahnhof Konstanz (main train station)

In front of the train station you can take buses 9A and 9B directly to the main entrance of the university.

Travel by bus

Bus line 9A and 9B and 9C:

From, for example, the main train station.

Line 11:

From, for example, the bus stop at the Wollmatingen train station.

Line 4:

From, for example, the bus stop at the main train station, exit at the Egg bus stop. You can reach the university and the sport facilities by following the respective signs.

Bus schedules and connection information. Individual bus tickets cost 2.45 euros per person. Day tickets cost 4.80 euros per person.

Travel by ferry

From Meersburg with the vehicle ferry to Konstanz. Bus line 11 will take you directly to Universität West.

Alternatively you can take Bus line 1 (Bus stop is at the harbour) to the "Sternenplatz" bus stop. Transfer to bus line 9A or 9B (please walk through the pedestrian tunnel to the other side of the street).

Travel by plane

Destination airport: Zürich (1 hour drive or 1,5 hours by train to Konstanz) or Stuttgart (2.5 hours drive or 4.5 hours by train to Konstanz).

We wish you a safe journey to Konstanz!