Two Full Papers at MuC 2019 in Hamburg

This year's "Mensch und Computer" was themed under the slogan "Neue Digitale Realitäten" (New Digital Realities) and took place in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. It was the most visited MuC so far with almost 1000 attendees. For the first time, accepted submissions were also published in the ACM Digital Library. Our group was represented by two full papers. 

Maximilian Dürr presented "Learning Patient Transfers with Technology: A Qualitative Investigation of the Design Space." The paper provides a set of implications to support the learning of kinaesthetics transfers with technology. It also discusses the use of these implications for design. 

Jonathan Wieland presented "A Qualitative Comparison Between Augmented and Virtual Reality Collaboration with Handheld Devices." The paper discusses the findings of an experimental comparison of handheld AR and VR displays in collaborative tasks. Based on these findings, it highlights various implications for future research.