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Review to Mensch und Computer 2017

This year’s “Mensch und Computer” took place in September and was themed under the slogan “Spielend einfach interagieren”. Host-city was Regensburg. Carla Groeschel and Katja Vock participated as Student Volunteers and thereby ensured a smooth procedure of the conference as part of the team. Jonathan Wieland presented the paper “Loci Spheres: A Mobile App Concept Based on the Method of Loci”. The method of loci is an effective technique to support the memorization and retrieval of information.…

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Webstrates Workshop and Talk of Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose

Developing interactive systems that support collaboration between people, distribution across heterogeneous devices and user appropriation is notoriously difficult. Today’s software rests on a foundation built for personal computing, and to properly support the aforementioned qualities we need to revisit this foundation.

Back from Ubicomp 2017

In September Simon Butscher and Maximilian Dürr presented InformationSense: Trade-offs for the Design and the Implementation of a Large Highly Deformable Cloth Display at the Ubicomp 2017 on Maui.

Talk of Uta Hinrichs: "Visualization as a Process"

Over the years, building visualizations has become a process that a wide variety of people engage in independent of their background. People build sophisticated visualizations of their personal data, and it is hard to imagine any discipline that does not use any types of visualization as part of their practice or research.

Dies Academicus: Festvortrag von Harald Reiterer

Prof. Dr. Harald Reiterer wird im Rahmen des diesjährigen Dies Academicus der Unversität Konstanz am 20. Oktober 2017 (15 Uhr) einen Festvortrag mit dem Titel “Mensch-Computer-Interaktion – oder wie der Computer lernte, mich zu verstehen.” halten.