Group photo of the participants of the Unity Crash Course. Photo by Claudia Widmann (SFB TRR 161).

2nd Unity Crash-Course successfully concluded!

The UCC-team, Dimitar Garkov, Wilhelm Kerle-Malcharek, Carlos Pinheiro, and Abdelrahman Zaky, filled 5 afternoons with intense tutorials, teaching students the basics of the Unity 3D game engine and Virtual Reality (VR) development. This year, 25 course certificates were issued to students, documenting their acquired expertise in Unity development, which is a much requested qualification for jobs in industry and a mandatory prerequisite for a number of university courses, such as Interaction in Mixed Reality: Basic Concepts.

The Unity Crash-Course is a joint offer of the Human-Computer Interaction group (TT-Prof. Dr. Tiare Feuchtner), the Life Science Informatics group (Prof. Dr. Falk Schreiber, Dr. Karsten Klein), and the Visual Computing group (Prof. Dr. Oliver Deussen).