Welcome Uta!

We are happy to welcome Uta Wagner for her research stay in our group! Uta is a PhD Student at Aarhus University, Denmark and she joins our group as a visiting researcher from March until May 2024.

We asked Uta some questions about her research stay:

Johannes Zagermann (JZ): Hey Uta, thanks for being here! Can you give us some background information on your research stay in our group?
Uta Wagner (UW): As part of my PhD program at Aarhus University, I have the exciting opportunity to complete a semester abroad in Konstanz. This stay is not only a requirement of the program but also a valuable chance to collaborate with other research groups and expand my network.

JZ: And what's the topic of your PhD program?
UW: As a third-year PhD student, my focus lies in exploring eye-hand coordination and enhancing interaction techniques in 3D. The combination of these modalities presents fascinating possibilities, as we use our eyes and hands daily to consciously or unconsciously interact with people or objects in our environment. This interaction holds the potential for seamless interactions.

JZ: Sounds very interesting! And what are your plans for your time in Konstanz?
UW: During my stay abroad here in Konstanz, I will concentrate on exploring how to perform drag-and-drop with gaze and hands in 3D. I will examine and compare various techniques to determine which ones are most effective. I'm excited about the opportunity to conduct research in Konstanz over the next few months under the supervision of Tiare Feuchtner, while also continuing my collaboration with Hans Gellersen (Lancaster University) and Ken Pfeuffer (Aarhus University).

Thanks, Uta - it's great to have you here!