ISS 2023: Doctoral Symposium, Papers, and Impact Award

Our group contributes in multiple ways to this year's ACM ISS 2023 in Pittsburgh:

Jonathan Wieland will present his dissertation research as part of the Doctoral Symposium. Here, we will showcase his progress and possible future directions for Designing and Evaluating Interaction for Handheld AR. Additionally, Tiare Feuchtner was invited to the Doctoral Symposium as a panelist together with Mark Hancock (University of Waterloo).

Two paper sessions will feature talks on papers that have been co-authored by members of our group:

In Session 1: Mixed Reality, the paper CADTrack: Instructions and Support for Orientation Disambiguation of Near-Symmetrical Objects (João Marcelo Evangelista Belo, Jon Wissing, Tiare Feuchtner, and Kaj Grønbæk) will be presented.

In Session 2: Haptics, the paper Aircraft Cockpit Interaction in Virtual Reality with Visual, Auditive, and Vibrotactile Feedback (Stefan Auer, Christoph Anthes, Harald Reiterer, and Hans-Christian Jetter) will be presented.

Last but definitely not least, we are happy to that our work on HuddleLamp from ITS 2014 has been selected by a jury of current and former papers chairs, senior members of the community, and the steering committee of ISS as the recipient of the 10-Year Impact Award! At ITS 2014 in Dresden, we presented HuddleLamp, a desk lamp with an integrated RGB-D camera that precisely tracked the movements and positions of mobile devices and hands on a table. This enabled multi-user and multi-device applications for around-the-table collaboration without an interactive tabletop. Additionally, HuddleLamp was demonstrated at ITS 2014 as part of the demo session and received the Best Demo Award back then.