Jonathan Wieland

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Supervised Theses

  • Pascal Le Hong
    Design and Evaluation of an Asymmetric Collaborative System for Immersive VR Presentations of Landscape Garden Designs (2023)
  • Pablo Martinez Blasco
    Merge Policy Comparison for AR HMD Collaborative Manipulation (2022)
  • Samar Abed
    Lollipop – Design and Evaluation of a Multiple Object Selection Technique for Virtual Reality (2022)
  • Philip Oesterlin
    Evaluating Gesture Based Teleportation Techniques For Immersive Virtual Environments (2022)
  • Gero Birkhölzer (with Sebastian Hubenschmid)
    Design and Evaluation of an Application to Plan and Conduct User Studies (2022)
  • Rudolf C. Hegemann Garcia
    Comparing Different 3D Off-Screen Visualizations for Handheld Augmented Reality (2022)
  • Tobias Böhnemann (with Daniel Fink)
    HomePlanAR: Smart Dynamic Guides for Space Planning in Handheld Augmented Reality (2022)
  • Anna-Lena Niethammer (with Johannes Zagermann)
    Evaluation of Contactless Interaction Techniques for Information Kiosks on an Airport Self Check-In (2022)

  • Melissa Michalke
    Companion Cube: Design and Evaluation of a Proxy-based 3D Object Manipulation Technique for Hand-held Augmented Reality (2021)

  • Jakob Wietstock (with Sebastian Hubenschmid)
    ReplayVR: Entwicklung und Auswertung eines Immersiven Replays von Mixed Reality Studien (2021)

  • Julia von Abel (with Johannes Zagermann)
    Can't Touch This! Touch-less Interaction for ATMs (2021)

  • Alice Hildebrand
    Design and Evaluation of a Mobile Shadowing Tool that supports the Evaluation of Interactive Exhibitions (2021)

  • Simon Lenhart (with Johannes Zagermann)
    Evaluation of Gesture-based Interaction Techniques for a Touch-less Ticket Vending Machine (2021)

  • Paul Groß (with Sebastian Hubenschmid)
    P³-Framework: Design and Evaluation of a Researcher centered Questionnaire-Framework (2021)

  • Dominik Morgenstern (with Johannes Zagermann)
    LociAR – Design and Evaluation of a Hand-held Augmented Reality Application Based on the Method of Loci (2021)