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    Our goal is to conceive, develop and evaluate novel concepts for human-computer interaction that dissolve the user interface as a barrier between real and virtual, and instead allow the user to seamlessly transition between different realities. We call this extended form of interaction “Embodied Cross-Reality Interaction” and the supporting user interfaces “Transitional Interfaces.” Such interfaces support crossing between different realities: from being in the physical world and using our existing cognitive and bodily skills, to gradually moving into a virtual reality with more advanced or “magical” skills, and back again. 

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ISS 2023: Doctoral Symposium, Papers, and Impact Award

Our group contributes in multiple ways to this year's ACM ISS 2023 in Pittsburgh:

Jonathan Wieland will present his dissertation research as part of the Doctoral Symposium. Here, we will showcase his progress and possible future directions for Designing and Evaluating Interaction for Handheld AR. Additionally, Tiare Feuchtner was invited to the Doctoral Symposium as a panelist together with Mark Hancock (University of Waterloo).

Two paper sessions will feature talks on papers that have been…

Welcome Anke

We are happy to welcome a new member to our HCI family in Konstanz: Dr. Anke Reinschlüssel has joined us as a postdoctoral researcher! Previously, Anke was a PhD student at the University of Bremen. For her dissertation, Anke designed and evaluated several research prototypes to improve surgical planning and the conduction of surgeries. Therefore, she used tangibles, virtual reality, and new types of multimodal feedback.

In her current role as postdoctoral researcher, Anke will continue working…

2nd Unity Crash-Course successfully concluded!

The UCC-team, Dimitar Garkov, Wilhelm Kerle-Malcharek, Carlos Pinheiro, and Abdelrahman Zaky, filled 5 afternoons with intense tutorials, teaching students the basics of the Unity 3D game engine and Virtual Reality (VR) development. This year, 25 course certificates were issued to students, documenting their acquired expertise in Unity development, which is a much requested qualification for jobs in industry and a mandatory prerequisite for a number of university courses, such as Interaction in…

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