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    Our goal is to conceive, develop and evaluate novel concepts for human-computer interaction that dissolve the user interface as a barrier between real and virtual, and instead allow the user to seamlessly transition between different realities. We call this extended form of interaction “Embodied Cross-Reality Interaction” and the supporting user interfaces “Transitional Interfaces.” Such interfaces support crossing between different realities: from being in the physical world and using our existing cognitive and bodily skills, to gradually moving into a virtual reality with more advanced or “magical” skills, and back again. 

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Complementary Interfaces Workshop and Talk of Raimund Dachselt

We are excited to host Raimund Dachselt and his group from TU Dresden!

During a two-day workshop (Wednesday and Thursday), we will discuss current approaches of ubiquitous data visualizations and work towards novel visualization techniques for virtual and augmented reality applications. We'll also explore how complementary interfaces can help in the evaluation of user data in mixed reality. We're looking forward to fruitful discussions!

To conclude the workshop, Raimund Dachselt will give a…

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Teaching Summer Term 2024

Please find a list of all lectures, exercises, and directed studies offered by the HCI Group in chronological order below. Please note the individual starting dates. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Johannes Zagermann.

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Preliminary discussion of Bachelor/Master Projects - Monday, 08.04.2024 at 10:00
⇢ ZT702, all files via Ilias

This semester's preliminary discussion of current offerings for Bachelor or Master projects will take place during the HCI Student…

Welcome Uta!

We are happy to welcome Uta Wagner for her research stay in our group! Uta is a PhD Student at Aarhus University, Denmark and she joins our group as a visiting researcher from March until May 2024.

We asked Uta some questions about her research stay:

Johannes Zagermann (JZ): Hey Uta, thanks for being here! Can you give us some background information on your research stay in our group?
Uta Wagner (UW): As part of my PhD program at Aarhus University, I have the exciting opportunity to complete a…

Transfer Award for our Exhibition "YOUTOPIA – Stadtvisionen erleben"

We are pleased to announce that our exhibition "YOUTOPIA - Stadtvisionen erleben" was awarded with the Transfer Award 2023 at the New Year's Reception of the University of Konstanz Alumni Association (VEUK). The Transfer Award is awarded annually by the University of Konstanz Society together with the University of Konstanz for projects that build a successful bridge between science and society. The award includes a prize money of 3000 Euro. The laudatory speech was held by Björn Graf…

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