Sebastian Hubenschmid

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Supervised Theses

  • Luca Fretz
    Marking Menus using On-Body Interactions compared to Mid-Air Gestures in Augmented Reality (2023)
  • Patricia Gödri
    Gaze Adaptive Menus for Hybrid User Interfaces in Augmented Reality (2023)
  • Gero Birkhölzer (with Jonathan Wieland)
    Design and Evaluation of an Application to Plan and Conduct User Studies (2022)
  • Paul Rinau
    Comparative Evaluation of Mid-Air Gestures and Hybrid User Interfaces with 2D Visualizations in Immersive Augmented Reality Environments (2022)
  • Dominik Leber
    Comparing pie menu interaction methods in hybrid user interfaces (2022)
  • Paul Groß (with Jonathan Wieland)
    P³-Framework: Design and Evaluation of a Researcher centered Questionnaire-Framework (2021)

  • Anna-Katharina Knoop
    Investigating Bayesian Reasoning by Interactively Changing Perspectives on a Matrix Cube Using Augmented Reality (2021)

  • Nazar Pashayev (with Daniel Fink)
    Chatbots for mobile intervention studies: Comparing the usability of task-oriented chatbots and conventional user interfaces (2021)

  • Jakob Wietstock (with Jonathan Wieland)
    ReplayVR: Entwicklung und Auswertung eines Immersiven Replays von Mixed Reality Studien (2021)